Muralesque has been steadily establishing its reputation of being one of the foremost decorators of homes and businesses in the Southern California area.  As a testament to our quality and service, nearly 75% of our work comes from repeat customers and referrals.

All of our creations are unique works of art, custom-designed and hand-painted  by award-winning artists led by Guilda Dimi.  Dimi has attended two prestigious art schools: the Guvder School of Art and the Academie Des Beaux-Arts.  While completing her  studies, Dimi participated in many group shows, which led to a solo exhibit at the renowned Gallerie L’Amateur.  In 1983, she signed a six-year contract with J.H.Smith Gallery in New York and her works were exhibited in Texas, Montreal, Buenos Aires and Paris.

Guilda has developed images that are profoundly unique and that range from angelic beauty to nightmarish bestiality, from plush rain forests to sand-stricken wastelands.  Now homes and businesses throughout Southern California have become her canvases. 

With her skillful mastery of the arts of faux finishing and “trompe l’oeil,” Guilda’s art truly stands out from the ordinary.  Whether your need is for painted wall murals, hand painted furniture, a refinished fireplace or a decorated ceiling, we invite you to call us to set up a free consultation and see if we can make the art of Guilda Dimi a part of your home or business.